Computational Thinking in the Classroom – The Bebras Challenge

Presenter: Karsten Schulz

The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge has gained popular support amongst the ICT teaching community. Now in its second year, Bebras has seen some 20,000 students in Australia.

In this presentation we discuss the use of Bebras in the classroom, preparation and follow-up activities, and take a look and the data analytics and data insights that is available to the teachers.

Karsten Schulz is the Program Director of the Digital Careers program, a national initiative which has the objective to raise the interest in ICT amongst primary and secondary school students.

Digital Careers provides teacher professional development and an exciting range of student engagement programs, such as the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge and Young ICT Explorers.

Intended Audience: All those interested in Primary, Middle School, Secondary, Upper Secondary education, and the Australian Curriculum – Digital Technologies.

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