Keynote Speakers 2015

Dr Tim Kitchen

Following over 20 years as a classroom teacher in Melbourne, Dr Tim Kitchen is now Adobe’s Senior Education Advocate for Asia Pacific. He is also the Vice President of DLTV (Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria) and on the executive of the Building Bridges interfaith dialogue program in Melbourne schools.

Tim regularly consults with K-12 and Higher Education educators, administrators and government officials throughout Asia Pacific.  He started his education career in 1991 and has taught in all three sectors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary). Most recently, he was the Director of Learning Technologies at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School in Melbourne.

A passionate advocate for creativity in education and multimedia, Tim is a regular writer and presenter for a wide range of national and international journals, conferences and seminars.


Join Tim Kitchen at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.


Dr Michael Henderson

Dr Michael Henderson spends most of his time being enjoyably frustrated with the ‘wicked problem’ of educational technology.

Michael is senior researcher in Educational Technology in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. He researches in the field of eLearning and teaches postgraduate studies in digital instructional design and critical thinking around ‘edtech’. Over the past decade he has provided expert advice to Australian and international agencies in the field of eLearning, cybersafety and assessment. Michael’s research ranges from early childhood to tertiary settings, and has ranged across virtual learning environments, virtual worlds, social media including the risks of teaching with social network sites, the role of data in schools, and technology based feedback.

Prior to joining Monash University Michael taught for 10 years in regional and metropolitan schools in both Australia and the United Kingdom. He continues to be involved in schools through his many projects and being a proud member of the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Management Committee and co-editor of their journal. Michael is a lead editor for the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology and is a foundation member of the ‘Learning with New Media Research Group’, which provides leadership in rigorous empirical research into teaching and learning and the roles of technologies. He is currently editing a text book for pre-service teachers on “Teaching and Digital Technologies: critical issues and big ideas.”



Join Michael Henderson at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.



Tom March

Tom March began his career in education in as a high school English teacher who loved using technology to engage students in authentic learning challenges. This, plus a willingness to take risks and work hard, saw him recognised as a Teacher of the Year finalist for San Diego County after just five years in the classroom.  While a teacher, Tom served as Head of English, IT Coordinator and district technology mentor.  After 10 years in the classroom and completion of a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design, Tom received a fellowship at San Diego State University where he and his colleagues developed some of the earliest Web sites to support teachers and students.  While on staff he also taught pre-service teachers and collaborated with Professor Bernie Dodge to develop the WebQuest.

Since those early days, Tom has been “working the Web for education” by designing online curriculum, developing eLearning environments for teachers and combining evidence-based pedagogies with classroom savvy to produce new conceptual frameworks for authentic learning and ICT integration.

These days, Tom works to support systemic preparedness for our next era of education where 1:1 digital access can shift us from assembly line schools to places where all students experience the joy of learning and produce outstanding achievements. At the heart of this change is helping schools develop a curriculum that promotes sophisticated student competencies and deep understandings.

Tom March frequently keynotes, writes, facilitates workshops and consults with schools, all focused on making learning more real, rich and relevant for every student.


Join Tom March at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.

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