Explore the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum

Presenter: Associate Professor Dr Paul Newhouse of ECU

The Technologies curriculum area has been one of the last to be developed and it is now at the stage where it is ready to be implemented, pending final acceptance by the ACARA and state authorities.

There are a number of key features that have been keenly debated including:

  • the two-subject structure (Design & Technologies, and Digital Technologies),
  • the place of ‘computer science’ content,
  • the emphasis on a computational thinking process, and
  • the responsibility for ICT capability.

Associate Professor Dr Paul Newhouse has had roles as a writer and as an advisor in the development of this curriculum.

In this presentation Paul will share his understanding of the Digital Technologies subject and its implications for both primary and secondary teachers.


Join Associate Professor Paul Newhouse at the ECAWA 2013 State Conference on Friday the 11th of October at Penrhos College.



ECAWA 2013 State Conference Registration Form (.PDF) Please note that the PDF may not display properly, with editable fields unless you open it using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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