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iVEC Supercomputing Facilities and iVEC Workshop

Pre-selecting your ACEC2012 concurrent program – now open!

ACEC2012 Pre Conference Workshops and Tours

The Twenty:20 Challenge is on again – this time at ACEC2012

Professor Patrick Griffin – Opening Keynote Speaker at ACEC2012

ACEC2012 Conference Program

Integrating iPads into the Curriculum

Getting Started with iPads

ACEC2012 Dinner – at the new State Reception Centre

Dr Neil Selwyn – Keynote Speaker at ACEC2012

The Australian Curriculum – Techologies – Update

Dr Milton Chen – Keynote Speaker at ACEC2012

Professor Jean-Michel Boucheix – Keynote Speaker at ACEC2012

Volunteer at ACEC2012 in Perth

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ACEC2012 Keynote Speakers

ACEC2012 Poster Proposals are due soon!

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Speaking at ACEC2012 in Perth??

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