ECAWA Leader of the Year Award

The Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) and Australian Computer Society (ACS) Award for Outstanding Leadership in the use of Information and Communication Technology in Education is a national award that acknowledges the work of educational leaders and innovators.

The award recognises significant advocacy, support and promotion of the use of ICT in Education.

Typically a candidate will be a leader / mentor / advisor to a school or broader educational community group, and generally their major role is not as a classroom teacher.
Candidates will have had a distinguished career and proven inspirational achievement in leading the ICT in education community.

Each state member association has the opportunity to nominate a member for the award.

Nominees for this award are the individual state Leader of the Year winners.

Each year nominations are called for the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia’s Leader of the Year Award. Those nominated must be ‘Individual’ ECAWA members who, through the use of computer technology, have:

  • Achieved excellence in ICT in education innovation and development and worked tirelessly to improve the quality of education
  • Assisted in the building of partnerships to advance the use of ICT in education (eg. school and community partnerships, school and industry partnerships)
  • Planned, developed and implemented programmes to advance the use ICT in Education
  • Provide advocacy for the use of ICT in Education to the extent that their work is used as a model for others
  • Served as a catalyst for policy change and development in the use of ICT in Education
  • Contributed to the work of ECAWA and actively participated in the professional communities of the association
  • Nurtured and mentored individuals, groups and/or associations to enhance the use of ICT in Education
  • Conducted research and/or written about ICT in Education
  • Inspired others to strive for excellence

To be considered for ECAWA’s Leader of the Year Award, leaders may be nominated by their peers or may nominate themselves. Nominations should include a brief biography of the nominee and organise evidence under the following three headings:

  • Advocacy, support and promotion of the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education
  • Mentoring and leadership of groups and individuals
  • Setting directions and exhibiting leadership.

A successful nomination will be in the form described in the nomination form.

The nomination period for the ECAWA Leader of the Year Award for 2014 is now open. Detailed information with selection criteria are on the nomination form. Download the nomination form as a Word.doc or email and ask for a form to be forwarded to you.

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