Making better exam questions for AIT 2 & 3

Presenter: Brett Clarke

PRESENTATION: Making better exam questions for AIT 2 & 3

This presentation will cover the principles of good exam item construction, including both long and short form items so you can best prepare your students for the WACE throughout the year. You will learn how to create better school based exams through having a better understanding of the syllabus, assessment principles and examination design tips & tricks.

Ensure you are testing what you think you are testing and improve the reliability of the results produced by students. Address issues of inclusivity and learn what should be included in a question and what should not.

Examples of items from AIT 2 & 3 that demonstrate strong adherence to these principles will be shown and well as items that illustrate where changes could be made to improve these items and the quality of the responses illicited from students as a result.

This presentation will be accompanied by a followup workshop  where you will have the opportunity to analyse existing exam items yourself and to create your own items and have them critiqued during the session.




Join Brett Clarke at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.


In brief….

Dates: Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of April
Venue: Scotch College, Swanbourne
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