Where is your abstract for ACEC2012 in Perth?

Get your abstract in for your refereed paper for ACEC2012 in Perth…


At this stage you only need to submit a one paragraph abstract online, and you then have until the end of April to submit your full paper for reviewing.

Submissions for non-refereed presentations and workshops are later still.

All refereed papers will be published in the official proceedings of the conference and all presenters will have the opportunity to share papers and resources through the conference website.

The Australian Computers in Education Conference (ACEC2012)

ACEC2012 will be held at Wesley College in South Perth, between October 2nd and October 5th 2012, in the first week of the Western Australian October school holidays.

This is a rare opportunity for Western Australian educators to access a range of top international and national keynote speakers and major presenters in our own state.

Register as soon as possible to get the lowest fees and/or to secure support from your University or school.

For further information about ACEC2012 go to the conference website http://acec2012.acce.edu.au/

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