ECAWA Conference – Last Minute Reminders

The ECAWA 2010 State Conference begins  tomorrow morning, and we are looking forward to a very full and exciting two days at Canning College.

To those people who have been trying to call the ‘phone number published on the original registration form, I apologise. We recently mislaid that phone, so it hasn’t been answering. If you need information about the Conference and you can’t find it on the website, please call Lynley on 0411 241 261 or send a text message or email.  None of us will be at our desks over the next few days. There are still places available and there is a special prize draw that people completing  ‘late registrations’ go into! (Check out the other prizes too at  )

Some last minute reminders:

Details of all the presentations are on the Conference website, along with a timetable for each day. You may like to think about which presentations you will attend. The sign up sheets will be available early each morning for you to fill in your preferences.

There are more than enough computers available for everyone to use at Canning College, however you are very welcome to bring your own wireless enabled computer, notebook, laptop, Macbook, iPad, iPod Touch, etc., however tonight or tomorrow morning BEFORE you arrive at Canning College, please go to and download and install the application approprite to your own device. You will not be able to download software over the Canning College network, and you will not be able to connect to the network to get internet access without the correct application being installed.  The only alternative involves waiting in line to use a memory stick to install the application.

 If you are using a school owned notebook computer, please ensure that you have administration ‘rights’ to be able to connect to the Conference network and to install any files or software that you wish to use.

A couple of conference presenters have suggested software that you may wish to use in their workshop and have indicated if this may be downloaded from a particular website in advance of the Conference. Again, you will not be able to download large files over the wireless network, so please download and install everything you will need before you arrive.

 Moira Curtain says: If anyone is coming to the Let’s Animate session at the ECAWA conference on Wed Sept 29, you may like to download the software before you come, so that you may have some “Hands on” time.

 Stop Motion Animator may be freely downloaded from this site

Pivot may be freely downloaded from this site

Olivia Clarke suggests that you check to make sure you’ll be able to run Learning Federation Learning Objects.

Bredon Wade suggests that you download and install Acid Xpress. The presenter says tt needs to be registered on each computer upon the first use, and adds that it’s one of those that require email verification and a serial number, which they send you in the email. The website to go to

Brenton also mentioned that there is a free loops package that is also downloadable from the site which would be useful too.

Sasha Barab suggests that you install software from the Quest Atlantis site. Go to and then click on the blue ‘bag’ toward the bottom left – has the word ‘download’ on it.

Barnard Clarkson will be working with Scratch, which may be downloaded from

Please also ensure that your notebook computer and any other equipment that you are bringing to the Conference, as well as any power packs, cables, etc are all labelled with your name and a contact telephone number, so that they can be returned to you quickly if they are misplaced.

Parking: Please enter the Canning College campus from Marquis Street via Student Entry B and park in the Computing Centre car park. When you arrive at the Welcome Desk ask for a PARKING VOUCHER, and then display this on your dashboard for the two days of the Conference.

Lastly, if you are not sure of  the way to the Welcome Desk, have a look at the map of the College at The Welcome Desk is in the foyer outside the Conference Room.

See you at Canning College tomorrow!

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