Presenting at the ECAWA Conference …..

Here are just some of the concurrent presentations on the programme of  the ECAWA 2010 State Conference:


Russell Hammond – Introducing Scitech’s Award Winning ICT Outreach Program 
Russell Hammond – Scitech’s Technology Program – A taste of robotics and new media
Gary  Lupo  – Internet capacity planning in schools
Jenny Jongste – iPad for work and play
Brendan Wade – Using Acid XPress music software
SalliAnne Griffith – One tool, many tales (Powerpoint)
Martin Cooper – ICT Leadership
Paul Reid How to launch a 1:1 progam
Moira Curtain – Let’s Animate
Sasha Barab – A workshop following on from the keynote address
Natalie Keals – Perception of ICT use in classroom
Jeremy Pagram – One Laptop per Child
Lisa Gallin-Napier – Blogging in the primary classroom
Tomaz Lasic – Moodle 2.0 Sandpit
Brett Clarke – ICT Infrastructureless school
Olivia Clarke – Workshop details to follow
Robin Hutton – Using Photoshop across the curriculum
Martin Cooper – Digital Assessment: LOTE
Moira Curtin – Publishing beyond Powerpoint
Paul Newhouse – Digital Assessment: English and Physical Education
Hall Jackson – Free and open source programs for every learning area
Kim FlintoffUsing blended learning to support practical classes
Paul Reid – Teaching with Apple Technologies

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