Apply for an ECAWA National Conference Subsidy

Are you planning to attend ACEC 2010 in Melbourne in April this year?

Are you a member of ECAWA?

Are you willing to share what you learn at ACEC 2010 with other ECAWA members?

Are you willing to help promote ACEC 2012 – to be held in Perth in October 2012 – while you are in Melbourne?

Consider applying for an ECAWA National Conference Subsidy. Applications for a subsidy must reach the ECAWA Secretary by email by 5.00 pm on the 23rd of February, 2010.

Download a copy of the subsidy application form here.

ECAWA members who attend ACEC 2010 may apply for a subsidy of up to $600 to cover some of the costs associated with attending the Conference.


In offering the ECAWA National Conference Subsidy ECAWA wishes to:


  • assist members who might otherwise not be able to attend the National Conference to participate in the event.
  • encourage members to contribute to the professional learning and professional development of ECAWA members by making presentations at the ECAWA State Conference or writing articles suitable for publication in LOGIN.
  • enable members who do not attend the conference to share in the event through published reports and presentations.
  • involve ECAWA members in preparations for the next Australian Computers in Education Conference – ACEC 2012 in Perth.


Successful applicants are expected to:


  • register for and attend ACEC 2010 from the 6th of April to the 9th of April, 2010 and
  • assist as rostered at ECAWA’s ACEC 2012 booth in the Trade Exhibition of ACEC 2010 for the duration of at least two ‘breaks’ (roster to be negotiated prior to the Conference) and
  • submit a report about one specific ACEC concurrent presentation or workshop that the applicant found especially valuable. (500 – 700 words. This report must be received by the ECAWA Secretary by the 26th of July, 2010) and
  • make a presentation at an ECAWA workshop in Term 2, 3 or 4, 2010 OR write and submit an original article suitable for publication in LOGIN (700 – 1000 words – longer articles by negotiation with the Editor of LOGIN) and
  • supply original receipts for travel, accommodation or ACEC registration expenses incurred by the applicant, up to the value of the subsidy claimed. These receipts must be received by the ECAWA Secretary by the by the 26th of July, 2010.


The ECAWA Committee will advise applicants of the success of their application by email by Friday the 26th of February, 2010, and will approve the payment of the subsidy to successful applicants after the above expectations have been met.



To apply for the subsidy members of ECAWA should complete the application form and forward it along with a maximum of one A4 page of supporting information by EMAIL only to


Completed applications must reach the ECAWA Secretary by email by 5.00pm on Tuesday the 23rd of February, 2010.

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