ECAWA 2009 AGM Adjourned to this Friday, the 11th of December

The ECAWA 2009 Annual General meeting had to be adjourned to this Friday, the 11th of December.

We were very pleased to receive sufficient nominations to fill the committee, as well as some expressions of interest from members who are prepared to be co opted by the committee to assist in various ways, however we obviously chose a very crowded date for the AGM – and ended up receiving far more apologies than acceptances.

Those who were there on Friday afternoon listened to Roger Sor’s presentation about the need for the teaching of Consumer and Financial Literacy across the curriculum, and enjoyed supper and some informal discussion afterwards.

The ECAWA Rules stipulate that when a quorum of members is not available the Annual General Meeting will be ajourned for one week, and held at the same time and venue as previously advertised. Consequently, we’d love to see any of you who are able to come along at the Churchlands Senior High School Library this Friday, the 11th of December, for a brief Annual General Meeting.

The ajourned AGM will be followed by a short Committee meeting.

Please contact if you have any queries or if you will be able to attend the ajourned Annual General Meeting in person, or if you would like to join in via SKYPE.

Please read the attached letter from ECAWA Life Member and Tertiary Coordinator Paul Newhouse.


PDF: Map of School           Word doc: Organisational_Member            Word doc: AGM_Notice_2009 (NOTE: this document shows the ORIGINAL date of the AGM)

There are also other opportunities to contribute to the association. Please consider working as part of a LOGIN subcommittee, assisting either the Primary or Secondary Coordinator to arrange PD/PL events, joining the Conference Committee or organising a Special Interest Group.

Will you be the representative of your school or organisation and be voting at the AGM?

The ECAWA Rules gives voting rights to individual members and to one representative member from each Organisational or School membership.

In order for Organisational or School members to vote we need to ascertain who that representative member is. If you are attending the Annual General Meeting and will be voting on behalf of your school or organisation, please ensure the appropriate form is completed and signed, and return it to the Secretary before the beginning of the AGM.

In brief:

Date: Friday 11th of December 2009
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Churchlands Senior High School Library
Parking: Park toward the end of Memory Place and walk to the eastern end, turn left up the stairs and follow the path from the street to the library.


The Agenda

• Welcome
• Apologies
• Minutes of AGM 2008
• President’s Report
• Financial Report
• Election of 2010 Office Bearers
• Other Business
• Close of Meeting

• A short meeting of the newly elected ECAWA Committee

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